An Interview With Our Latest Reader & Teacher, Raye Lynn Rath-Rondeau

Raye Lynn has a history in the healing arts. After 23 years as the owner of The Yoga Institute in Houston and Clear Lake, Raye Lynn is returning to us and her roots as a reader. We are thrilled to have her reading here again and wanted to sit down with her and ask a few questions to reintroduce her to our followers and customer base.

You’re going to be leading a Yoga Nidra class here soon. Tell us, what is Yoga Nidra?

Raye Lynn: Yoga Nidra is an ancient and powerful, sleep-based meditation practice that utilizes a series of body breath and awareness techniques that guide you into deeper and deeper states of relaxation that border on sleep. The series of techniques used in Yoga Nidra take you through the brain wave states, waking (beta), meditative (alpha), and to a deeply meditative or twilight state which you normally only experience fleetingly upon waking, or drifting off to sleep (theta). It is in this state where the real magic of Yoga Nidra happens. Ideally, Yoga Nidra takes you to this twilight state and holds you there. It is in this state where integrative intentions and affirmations are “planted.” It is the deepest level of meditation made easy, and anyone can do it!

While there are similarities between hypnosis and Yoga Nidra, there are differences that I feel are important to mention here. While Hypnosis is used to alter the body-mind for things like weight loss, quitting smoking, etc., Yoga Nidra has a spiritual, liberating, awakening, and unifying purpose as well. Another very interesting difference is that the technique of hypnosis works by quieting the left brain, while stimulating the right. In Yoga Nidra, the right and left brain are equally active. This means that we are working from a place of wholeness, synchronicity and union–where there is no conflict between the right and left brain and no conflict between the conscious and subconscious. And the same is true for the way many of us are using intentions and affirmations. We can say all day long, “I love myself … I love myself …” and some part of us is in conflict saying, “no you don’t,” and the argument ensues. In Yoga Nidra, we go into a state where there is no conflict between the conscious and subconscious and new seeds, new beliefs, doctrines, and patterns are planted. Let me explain.

In the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra (that is my training), we work with individuals and groups to develop their own integrative primary (life purpose) and secondary (dealing with specific issues we would like to alter) intentions and affirmations that we utilize during the deepest state of Yoga Nidra. In this way, we go to the root – in the causal, subconscious part of our being and literally unravel and uproot our deeply planted rules, doctrines, codes, beliefs and patterns that limit us and no longer serve us, and plant new seeds to direct the course of our lives. This is like putting your hands on the tiller of your boat and deciding what thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that you want to be determining how you see, experience and respond to your life—rather than being on an autopilot that no longer serves who you are or who you are becoming. The best part is that there is nothing for you to do. All of this happens spontaneously and effortlessly in Yoga Nidra.

You also have a meditation series coming up. Tell me more about your meditation class.

Raye Lynn: Meditation is a process of dropping down beneath our thoughts, and dropping in … from the outer world into the inner world. It is a process of moving through openings or veils to take you into the places inside yourself where you are deeply connected with your source, your inner being or your higher self and guides. In meditation—when you drop down beneath the surface—you drop into the stillness and peace that always exists (hidden in plain sight!) right inside of you.

I approach teaching meditation through guided practices utilizing an array of different techniques. I find that some techniques work better for some (or some things) than others. Sometimes we use concentration practices enabling the mind to support us. It gives the mind something to do. We start with that. One of the most effective techniques (and the one most often used for meditation), utilizes the breath, where we drop into meditation through our breath … sometimes watching the breath, sometimes through the direct feeling experience of breath. Next, we move into the feeling or energy body … feeling sensation-or on a more subtle level, feeling the sensations of the movement of energy in your body. An example would be to feel your heartbeat … or to imagine you can breathe in and out through your heart center … just that, breathing into and out from your heart center and then becoming aware of the subtle sensations in the space of your heart.

Often people say that they can’t meditate because they can’t stop the seemingly unending stream of thoughts. The thoughts are not a problem to solve. The mind will always do what it does best and that is to think thoughts. It’s a matter of letting go of the external and dropping down beneath the thoughts … beneath the narrator—the judge, jury, the ruminator and the commentator—so you can rest in stillness and be at peace within yourself. Here, there is relief and release from your mental and external chatter.

After 23 years with The Yoga Institute, you’re returning to reading and teaching. That’s a big shift. What else would you like us to know?

Raye Lynn: This is a new phase for me. I’ve realized my life has been about taking care of everyone else and not necessarily taking care of myself. Putting yourself first may sound selfish or self absorbed, but it’s important for everyone to get to this space–it’s like putting the oxygen mask on yourself first before you put one on someone else. It’s taking responsibility.

Who am I and what I am here to do? I remind people of who they are, which is so much more than all the labels that we put on ourselves. When we remember who we are, then we are much more able to see others as they are—in this moment, not based on who they were yesterday. That’s so freeing for them and also for ourselves.

I see myself and the work I am doing as a way of teaching others to let go of self-image and its attachment to preconditioned beliefs, patterns, and thoughts, and experience the fullness of being. For me, yoga is less about what I can do with my body–as far as asana (yoga postures) is concerned, but rather, I see yoga as opportunity to slow down and reconnect with Self and breath. This does not mean that classes with me are not challenging, but it is practicing in a different way. So, my personal yoga practice and my classes evolved. Rather than practicing out of habit or by rote (auto pilot), or pushing our edge, or by wanting to get somewhere or to perfect a certain difficult pose, or (and this one we’ve all done at some point) to be able to do some really cool looking pose to show our friends … we focus more on drawing inward, reconnecting with the body and feeling our way into and through the practice.

This is important because it teaches people how to feel their way through their life. We all tend to be in our heads, pre-conditioned and focused on “things”–getting things, doing things, accomplishing things. Feeling our way through life is key—yes, use your head and your logic too, but we need to learn to feel more. That is how we get guidance … through how things feel. What feels lighter, more open or like relief as opposed to the things that feel heavier or more stressful.

Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and meditation meld together and when combined with intuitive readings, reiki, and healing work they are all part of one practice for me. When I do intuitive readings, the information that comes through is to get my clients to reconnect to what they already know or have been feeling. To get them out of their heads and to FEEL their way. I ask them to pay attention to doors that are opening and doors that are closing. Closing doors don’t necessarily mean “no” … but they are guiding us to a different door.

The way I lay out cards was taught to me by my mother and a dear family friend, Gayle Sellers. Some of the rest is my own method that has grown to give me a little more information. I also always connect with my guides and angels. Sometimes, I see an image or a film clip, sometimes its words or a song … sometimes it’s just a feeling. But the cards punctuate what I am getting and sometimes give me the indication that I have to ask if there is more than one interpretation or more than one meaning. I have several ways to get clarification. Often times, there can be what seems paradoxical or polar opposite information—meaning that it’s not “either-or” (a, b or c), but rather “d” all of the above.

I believe people have free will. That is the value of a reading because if you don’t like what you are hearing, you can change it. You can change it by telling a better story. AND, you can change yourself and your life the same way.

Raye Lynn will be available for psychic intuitive and tarot readings every Wednesday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm here at Body Mind & Soul. Her rates are $60 for 30 minutes and $120 for 60 minutes.


Raye Lynn’s psychic intuitive and healing abilities come from a long lineage of psychic intuitives, readers, and medicine keepers. She has explored and shared these gifts for as long as she can remember – in this life time and in many lifetimes past. Raye Lynn is also known as a senior yoga and meditation instructor, facilitator and teacher trainer. Through her teaching of yoga and meditation and her psychic, intuitive and healing abilities she has helped and guided many people through big life changes and challenges for over 23 years. Raye Lynn’s readings are a combination of the guidance she receives from her guides and Angels and yours, from psychic hits, impressions and visions, and tarot. She uses her gifts to offer concrete help and guidance to enable you to traverse life’s challenges, to direct or redirect your course, to gain the clarity you need to make sense of, and heal your life … and provide you with the inspiration and empowerment to support and guide you in living and fulfilling your dreams, desires and purposes with greater joy, enthusiasm and gratitude.he heus ears are e nd ask tolla re goibe llus, w

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