Full Moon in Sagittarius

The moon will be full in Sagittarius this Friday, June 9th, at 8:10 a.m. in our central time zone.

Full moons bring to light what’s been hidden from sight, and Sagittarius is a sign associated with optimism and possibilities. Suddenly, the window to our life gets a lot larger, our view expands.

Once where there were problems, now we see solutions and possibilities. We’re ready to explore unknown territory; we crave freedom and excitement. Faith is a keyword associated with Sagittarius, so now may be the perfect time to take that leap of faith. Sagittarius also rules foreign travel, so we may find ourselves planning a trip.

On the same day, Jupiter—the planetary ruler of Sagittarius—ends it’s retrograde motion and turns direct. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, good fortune, faith, and expansion, is currently in the sign of Libra, the ultimate relationship sign.

If you’re single, now is the time to focus on relationships, so put out the positive intent that you will meet someone special. If you have some rose quartz—the love stone—start carrying it with you. Put it in your pocket or purse, and let it serve as a reminder that you are open to and deserve a loving relationship.

Speaking of relationships, this full moon in Sagittarius moves right next to Saturn in Sagittarius. When the Moon and Saturn are in the same vicinity, we begin to see how we are unfulfilled in some areas of our lives, especially in the relationship department. We get insight into our habitual emotional responses around relationships. Because of this insight, we may end a significant relationship that just isn’t “doing it” for us any longer.

During this full moon Neptune makes difficult aspects to the Sun and Moon. This can cause us to be psychic sponges that soak up everything going on around us—both the good and the bad.

Being hypersensitive, some of us may find that we can’t be around certain people, places, or things because they drain us of every ounce of energy and leave us feeling depleted and used.

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