New Jewelry for a New Season

We just received a shipment of beautiful, new, all-natural stone jewelry from Bali this week, just in time for the spring season. The Spring Equinox is right around the corner (Monday March 20th), and the timing feels synchronous.

These stunning pieces are simple, in sterling silver settings, so that the natural beauty of the gemstones can truly shine and take center stage. Each piece is a one of a kind item. While the stones vary, the largest selection is in moonstone, labradorite, and sparkly  amethyst stalactite slices.


Moonstone – Revered for its colorful flash, rainbow moonstone is believed to heighten intuition and provide wise guidance. Rainbow moonstone is a favorite in jewelry because of it’s incredible, iridescent color range.

Labradorite – The “peacock” of crystals, labradorite flashes from deep, striking blue hues to rich, eye-popping golds. It has been worn for centuries as a stone of protection and awakening.

Amethyst stalactites – Slices of amethyst clusters that feature sparkly points around the circumference, these stalactite amethysts resemble blooming flowers. Amethyst in this form awakens the soul and brings joy to the wearer.

(If you look closely, you might even spot some seraphinite, herkimer diamonds, blue topaz, and larimar!)


Mostly pendants and rings, with only one pair of earrings, each ring features an adjustable silver band, so you can take your favorite home no matter what your ring size! Prices range from $35 to $225. We were so excited about the quality and craftsmanship of these pieces, we wanted to share them right away. If you see a piece you’re interested in, be sure and contact the store to place it on hold or purchase by phone (713-993-0550). And keep an eye on our website, where we’ll be uploading these for online purchase as quickly as we can (click here to see our current jewelry listings).





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