I Had The Time of My Lives

Melanie Harrell leads guided tours of past lives monthly (or so) at Body Mind and Soul and if you miss this class, you miss the trip of a lifetime.

MelanieWe had all been prepared in advance to bring the correct state of mind to the event. No negative thoughts and dress comfortably!

The evening I joined in, about ten follower travellers stretched out on blankets in the classroom. And for the next hour or so, there was deep relaxation and exploration for all.

Melanie led us in a warm and comforting way through a hypnotic trip through our individual pasts as a group. Iโ€™m not sure exactly how we each went to so many different places together. Some journeyed to Egypt, some to medieval England, and one to the French Revolution. And without a passport!

We bonded after the experience as we shared our insights and healings with each other. Melanie was available afterwards for those who had questions and visions they wished to discuss privately.

Blur on this photo courtesy of
Blur on this photo courtesy of “post-past life regression” jet lag

The next Past Life Regression is scheduled for October 12th. Book your flight early because space fills up quickly!


We also want to remind you that Halloween is around the corner and we have lots of cool, spooky paraphernalia. And yes, that is a spider on her head.

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