Hello Virgo!

Except for the kids going back to school- or maybe BECAUSE the kids are going back to school- we are happy to welcome the sign that signals the winding down of summer.


Cooler temperatures are finally in our future and we can start thinking about the sweaters and jackets that have been lurking in our closets for too many months. But first we have to make it through hurricane season.


September is around the corner, which brings us Labor Day. That means we say “goodbye” to white shoes and clothes. Whoever made this rule obviously did not live in tropical Houston. You have to be prepared to live in the sustained Texas heat while remaining fashionable. Body Mind and Soul has the most amazing tunics in subtle pastels to take you through the transitional weather in style.


This versatile garment can be worn  as a blouse or dress.


Throw on a multicolored scarf and take the look into evening. The possibilities are endless.

Now what is going on in the stars?


According to Kevin, our resident astrologer, Virgos are entering a perfect phase for meditation and focus. This holds true for the rest of 2013 and into the first part of 2014.


We have so many books, cds, crystals, bowls, and meditation pillows to help you on your path. Come to 7951 Katy Freeway to find what we have for you!

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