Seeing Is Believing

BlueprintsOver the last few months, the move of Body Mind and Soul has gone from a rumor to a possibility, and finally – a reality.  The two-dimensional architectural drawings of the new BMS are magically taking shape inside the space at 7951-N Katy Freeway.

The entire staff took a peek this week at the building site on I-10 and we are excited to report that the walls are up, the wiring is installed (almost), and the color palette is in place (mostly).

Denise and Susan pointed out the beautiful deep teal wall that is scheduled to have a constellation mural painted upon it, and a brand new counter placed in front of it. The air-conditioning ducts are exposed, giving a very different look from our present location. Still to be completed are the interior doors and flooring. The classroom has been constructed and is waiting for the French doors accented with glass panes.

So progress is happening, but the moving trucks are not speed dial just yet. In the meantime, be a part of our contest to guess the opening date of our new store!

– Sally, BMS Staff

3 thoughts on “Seeing Is Believing

      1. Ohhhh… this is fun. OK, let’s see…. You will open the store on … August 15th. It is an important date, at least in Croatia :-). Anyway, I wish you guys luck, whenever you open the store, and I wish you stay in business forever. BMS is not just my favorite store, it is a place one can go to to completely re-energize, just by being there. And, if you still have Indigo Sun July’s issue, and if you have time to look at it again – the art on the front page is mine, and some words on pg. 3 and pg. 11 (just thought to mention it). 🙂 See you soon at your new store.

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